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Astronist eschatology

Alphabetical index of terms relating to Astronist eschatology.

Astronist eschatology is the discipline of Astronism dealing with the study of Astronic beliefs regarding death, the afterlife, funerary practices, destiny, the existence of the soul, and the final destination of humanity.

Afterlife in Astronism

Role of the afterlife in Astronist belief



Belief orientation on transtellationism

Anthropotranstellationism is the belief orientation on transtellationism holding that only humans are permitted to experience or undergo transtellation, often due to the associated belief that only humans possess souls or spirits.



Principle within naturalism

Anti-anthropogenesis is a principle of the naturalist school of thought of Astronic eschatology upholding the notion that all human-originating or human-centred beliefs should be removed from the eschatological system of Astronism in favour of cosmocentric and naturalistic beliefs.




Astral projection



Belief that after death, people reincarnate into astronomical progeny or phenomena

Astrincarnation is a belief orientation held within the transtellationist school involving the notion that after death, one reincarnates into a type of astronomical progeny or phenomena. This belief is considered heterodoxical to the wider transtellationist school and especially to other Astronist eschatological schools due to the incorporation of the belief in reincarnation.



Ability to foretell astronomical progeny observation and astronomical events

In the transtellationist school of Astronism, astrition is the purported ability of a person who is able to foresee the occurrence of an astronomical event (phenomena) or is able to accurately foretell the observation of astronomical progeny.





Astronist utopian prophecy

In the eschatology of Astronism, Astronaria is the prophecy of living in a utopian world upon humanity's fulfilment of transcension; this "world" is often in reference to a multi-planetary existence with unlimited resources and potential, hence exhibiting a utopia known as Astronaria.


Astronic eschatology

Discipline of Astronism

Astronic eschatology is one of the central dispositional discipline of Astronism that holds a significant influence over the beliefs of Astronists as it concerns itself with the concepts such as death, the afterlife or lack thereof, as well as both individual and collective destiny.

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